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Ever since the closure of the Glenfarg Hotel three years ago, the village has lacked a place for all to meet informally and socialise. The creation of the Glenfarg Community Centre will provide such a place.  It will also offer space for clubs for the young and old alike and perhaps shared office accommodation as well.  A café/bistro will serve meals during the day, as well as morning coffee and afternoon tea.

The Village Hall has now successfully raised the money to purchase the former Schoolhouse that adjoins the hall. The money for the acquisition has come from the Scottish Land Fund and RWE Innogy (the windfarm at Lochelbank).
An open day has been held in the house and around 70 people visited and saw the potential of the proposed Centre. Ideas have been shared about how the Schoolhouse might best be brought into use for the benefit of the whole community. A Business Plan has been prepared based on these ideas, and funding is being raised to complete the conversion of the house and to link it with the Village Hall.

This is an exciting opportunity for our village! We hope that everyone will wish to give their help and support as the project moves forward. There will be plenty of opportunities for groups and individuals to lend a hand to make this a success - and to make a big difference to Glenfarg.

Application for membership of Arngask Hall-1.pdfThe Glenfarg Community Centre needs your support and membership! The village Hall is reorganising into a Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation or SCIO (Charity Number SC048505).  This gives the Trustees limited liability and also has enabled the hall to raise the funds to create the new Glenfarg Community Centre (which would not have been possible as an unincorporated Association).  The SCIO is called Arngask HalI.  It will trade as Glenfarg Community Centre.

The new SCIO needs to demonstrate strong village support through a wide membership base. This support is vital if funding applications for development of the Schoolhouse are to be successful. Everyone 16 years old and over in the Glenfarg Community Council area is eligible for membership.

You will not be asked for money (it's free). You will not be roped into anything although we would appreciate your help. All we require is you demonstrate your support by becoming a member. You will then have an opportunity to attend members meetings and the Annual General Meeting to voice your opinion.  

Trustees would like everyone to sign up and show they care about the place the hall has in our community. You can see our privacy statement here.

Application for membership of Arngask Hall-1.pdf 

Glenfarg Community Centre Update

As most of you will know the Hall Committee has reorganised itself so that it is better able to carry out the exciting plans to create a Community Centre. This will bring together the existing Hall and the adjoining Schoolhouse as one building offering a variety of space for community use. In addition to the hired spaces, it is also planned to offer freshly made food from an artisan café during the day and to provide flexible space for all.

Ever since we bought The Schoolhouse in April 2019, the board of trustees has been busy behind the scenes getting prepared to start the refurbishment of the building. After a very successful Open Day in May 2019 we spent an evening with a host of volunteers removing old carpets from the Schoolhouse. Various fundraising activities took place in 2019 too including a Bingo Night, a Kiltwalk  and we received  funds from the fantastic Pantomime which happened just before lockdown. This money is going towards buying the extra bits we need for the centre before it opens. An architect, Matthew Cowan was hired to prepare building warrant drawings & proposed plans which were submitted to Perth & Kinross Council. These were given the go ahead in February 2020 & then COVID hit…and like so many other projects we are now in limbo waiting for a time when the builders can continue the work in a COVID safe environment.

This has not deterred some key outdoor activities - The large sycamore tree towards the garage end of the garden was felled by Treetec in October and the logs split and stacked into 4 potato boxes provided by Robert Doig at Old Fargie. This storage space has been doubled by using pallets donated by Davie Meldrum. We would like to thank Alistair, Robert & Christine Morton and the Glenfarg Scout Group, Colin Campbell and Isabel Nicholson for their help with the fire wood processing. The wood will be used in a stove to be fitted in the new café.

Along with the café, the building itself has rooms for hire to for a variety of clubs, a teenage hub, a lounge and an office workspace. It is hoped in the future to employ a centre manager & to offer breakfast & after school clubs.

While we wait to start the building work, we are looking for input from everyone now as to the garden around the Schoolhouse & what you would like to use the space for. We have a blank canvas at the moment and in this large garden we can imagine lots of functions…. This would be an ideal venue for fetes, weddings, BBQs, craft markets, classes etc. having a large grassy area which will incorporate the Hall garden & can be easily accessed from the car park. We are going to compile a Survey Monkey which will be promoted on the Glenfarg Grapevine Facebook page. We’d love you all to share your thoughts about The Schoolhouse garden.

The Schoolhouse is to be an integral part of our village which along with the adjoining hall will serve Glenfarg for years to come. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of our community being able to meet together and socialise. We are all missing this aspect of village life and are looking forward to when we can get together once again.

Gillian Forbes


Hire the Main Hall

Hire the Main Hall

Details on hiring the Main Hall

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Hire the Meeting Room

Hire the Meeting Room

Details on hiring the Meeting Room

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Details of the Community Centre facilities

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Cinema                (PRESENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)


Cinema equipment is available for hire subject to certain conditions

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Past Events

YESTERDAY (Cinema)13 Mar 2020Glenfarg Community Centre, Greenbank Road, Glenfarg.
ARGO (Cinema)14 Feb 2020Glenfarg Community Centre, Greenbank Road, Glenfarg.
SCOUT GROUP'S ANNUAL BURNS SUPPER25 Jan 2020Glenfarg Community Centre, Greenbank Road, Glenfarg.
CINDERELLA18 Jan 2020Glenfarg Community Centre, Greenbank Road, Glenfarg.
CINDERELLA17 Jan 2020Glenfarg Community Centre, Greenbank Road, Glenfarg.
WILD ROSE (Cinema)10 Jan 2020Glenfarg Community Centre, Greenbank Road, Glenfarg.
CHRISTMAS PUB NIGHT14 Dec 2019Glenfarg Community Centre, Greenbank Road, Glenfarg.
HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (Cinema)06 Dec 2019Glenfarg Community Centre, Greenbank Road, Glenfarg.
GLENFARG CHRISTMAS FAIR30 Nov 2019Glenfarg Community Centre, Greenbank Road, Glenfarg.
DIRTY PRETTY THINGS (Cinema)08 Nov 2019Glenfarg Community Centre, Greenbank Road, Glenfarg.

Fund Raise for the Glenfarg Community Centre!

Our target is to raise £12,500 from village activities. So far we have raised an amazing £8,500.  We still need that bit extra to buy what we will need for the Centre before it opens later this year.

Mary McAinsh and Margaret Scott started the ball rolling with their Bingo Night which raised £240 for the Community Centre. Thanks Mary and Margaret!

Our weekly Coffee Lounge also raises money for the Centre. Thanks to our volunteers who keep the Lounge going from week to week!

The annual Kiltwalk saw five members of the community walking around Edinburgh and raising over £2500 for the Centre.  Thanks to all who took part in this event - and those generous people who sponsored them.

The Kiltwalk is a low cost platform for us to raise funds. 140% of the money you raise will go directly to where it is needed most. This is because for every £1 you raise a further 40 pence is added by the Hunter Foundation. Visit and choose Glenfarg Community Centre as your charity.  We plan to do the walk again this year.

A generous donation has been received from local buseiness, Earnside Coaches.  A big thank you to the Rutherford’s for this.  We have also received a kind donation from the Knitting Group.  Thank you for this.

And finally, the wonderful Panto raised an amazing £2,000 for the Community Centre!  Well done to all involved.  This was a tremendous event which sold out over two nights.  Brilliant!

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Glenfarg Village Hall/Arngask Hall

Annual General Meeting arrangements

December 2nd 2020 19.30 (virtual by Zoom)

We have now received from our Independent Examiner the 2020 Annual Report and Accounts for the Hall, and are in a position to put these to our AGM for approval.    The Accounts are available here.

I would like to thank both our Treasurer, Ross Blakie, and our Independent Examiner, David Johnston for the preparation of these Accounts.

Because of the reorganisation of the Village Hall Association into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (or SCIO) there are two sets of Accounts.  This means there will be two parts to the AGM – one following the other.

These will be on the same date of Wednesday December 2nd starting at 19.30 with the Village Hall Association AGM and followed by Arngask Hall (SCIO) AGM. In addition to the approval of the accounts, the Agenda will include a motion to wind up the Village Hall Association, This was approved in principle at the AGM held on November 26th 2019. The motion is available to view on the Glenfarg Community Centre website and also appears below. There will also be elections to the Board of Trustees of the SCIO, Arngask Hall.

Remember that the Village Hall membership includes anyone living in the community, whereas the Arngask Hall membership includes only those who have signed up as members. If you wish to join Arngask Hall as a member the application form is available on the Community Centre website.  I would encourage you to do this in advance of the meeting – there is no cost involved.  However, if you are not a member of the SCIO you will only be able to vote on the matters relating to Glenfarg Village Hall Association.

Because of the current restrictions on meetings, the AGM will be held virtually by Zoom invitation.  The invitation will be sent to all Arngask Hall members who have provided an email address.  Anyone else wishing and eligible to attend, and not receiving an email invitation, should email me in advance of the meeting so that I can reply with an invitation. My address is below.  My email invitation will have a link highlighted in blue that you need to click on and open the meeting connection to be admitted to the meeting.

The Agenda for the AGM is below.  I hope you will be able to attend this meeting and if you have any questions please contact me.

Cedric Wilkins, Chairperson


Notice of Annual General Meeting

Glenfarg Village Hall SC 027474 and

Arngask Hall SC 048505 (SCIO)


Wednesday December 2nd 2020

 at 7.30 p.m

Virtual by Zoom 




Minutes of AGM Glenfarg Village Hall November 26th 2019

Minutes of AGM Arngask Hall November 26th 2019

Minutes of AGM December 18th 2019 (adjourned)

Trustees Report and Annual Accounts SC 027474 for approval

Trustees Report and Annual Accounts SC 048505 (SCIO) for approval

Motion to wind up Glenfarg Village Hall Association

Election of Trustees to Board of SC 48505

Any Other Business

Date of Next Meeting

Motion to Wind Up Glenfarg Village Hall Association

Following the Approval of the Final Report and Accounts at the Annual General Meeting of Glenfarg Village Hall Association on December 2nd 2020, it is proposed to wind up the Association

Proposed: Cedric Wilkins (Chairperson), Seconded Ross Blaikie (Treasurer)