Fund Raising

Fund Raise for the Glenfarg Community Centre!

Our target is to raise £12,500 from village activities.  

Mary McAinsh and Margaret Scott started the ball rolling with their Bingo Night which raised £240 for the Community Centre.  Thanks Mary and Margaret!

Our weekly Coffee Lounge also raises money for the Centre.  Thanks to our volunteers who keep the Lounge going from week to week!

One way you can help do this is by taking part in a kiltwalk and nominating the Glenfarg Community Centre as your charity.

The kiltwalk is the lowest cost platform for you to raise funds for the causes you care about.  You can raise funds for the charity of your choice and 140% of the money you raise will go directly to where it is needed most.   This is because for every £1 you raise a further 40 pence is added by the Hunter Foundation.    Visit and choose Glenfarg Community Centre as your charity.

Heather and Cedric Wilkins have done so!! Why not sponsor them?   Or better still - join them on their kiltwalk.   There are kiltwalks in Aberdeen on 2nd June Dundee on 18 August and Edinburgh on 15th September.